STB - Swedish Wall covering Producers Association - Ecofix adhesive products are approved according to the normes of STB
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In our fully automatized mixing and filling station we produce dispersion adhesive for all kinds of wall coverings.
We sell under our own name Ecofix, but also under private labels

Our equipment can handle both round, oval and rectangular cans in sizes from 1 to 20 litre.
The mixing station is from 2005 and the filling station and packing robot are from 2006 and can produce 3000 kg/hour.

All production is tested and samples are being saved one year.

Approved according to STB standards. (Swedish Wall covering Producers Association)
Do not use ECOFIX D in wet rooms.

  • Glasfiber, textile and paper backed vinyl wall coverings

A water based starch adhesive with PVAc (polyvinyl acetate)
Mainly used for glasfiber, textile and paper backed vinyl wall coverings.
Comes in two versions - Good tack and Strippeble
Contains bactericide and fungicide.

  • Wallpaper and non woven (vlies)

A water based starch adhesive with PVAc (polyvinyl acetate) Used for wallpaper and non woven. Contains bactericide and fungicide.


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